The two types of clamps for car spare parts dust boots produced by  Febest, i.e. FE-CLAMP and FE-CLAMPZ differ in a very significant way. 

This difference must definitely be taken into consideration, notably because Febest does not only sell the clamps along with other spare parts, i.e. dust boots, but also separately – directly as the articles FE-CLAMP and FE-CLAMPZ.



The fundamental difference is that the clamp FE-CLAMPZ has a locking mount, allowing you to use it to fix both rubber and plastic dust boots. On the other hand, the clamp FE-CLAMP can only be used for fixing rubber boots, and cannot be used for Febest dust boots, which have a letter “P” before the “-” in the first part of their articles (e.g., for 0117P-ACV40).

We would like to emphasize that all Febest dust boots are sold with clamps, those which are sold along with other spare parts, e.g. with CV joints.`