Another example of Febest being a responsible manufacturer that is not engaged in mindless copying of original products is front stabilizer links for different Subaru models produced by our company. 

While originally these links are made of plastic, Febest uses aluminium to produce them. Plastic links, as operating experience shows, often break in the middle, or the arm bushings inside them fail sooner than one might expect. This is because plastic does not allow you to fix the links securely and it is the plasticity that eventually leads to failure. 

Aluminium stabilizer links produced by Febest have performed much better than the original ones. 
Meanwhile, we would like to emphasize the fact that in parallel with the aluminium stabilizer links Febest produces links that are copies of original

This allows the company to meet the requests of those who still want to purchase a link made by the original technology or save a little. The aluminium stabilizer links are ca. 20% more expensive comparing to the plastic ones.

The front stabilizer links sold by Febest under the articles 0823-20AL and 0823-20A can be installed on the following models: 
SUBARU DOMINGO D11 1993-1998;
SUBARU E12 D11 1992-1998;
SUBARU FORESTER S10 1996-2002;
SUBARU IMPREZA G10 1992-2002;
SUBARU IMPREZA G11 2000-2007;
SUBARU LEGACY B10 1989-1994;
SUBARU LEGACY B11 1993-1998;
SUBARU LEGACY B12 1998-2003;
SUBARU SAMBAR T11 1989-1998;
SUBARU SAMBAR T12 1998-2009;
SUBARU SAMBAR T22 2000-2003