Febest produces spherical joints for levers, for which original parts manufacturers have not provided the possibility of replacing the ball. The company is developing the perspective direction of production of replaceable ball joints that are alternative to fixed ball joints.

Original spare parts manufacturers often leave car owners with no choice, forcing them, in case of the failure of one of the components, to replace the whole assembly, e.g. to replace the entire lever in case a single fixed ball joint fails. Thus a solution for a seemingly small problem such as a ball joint failure brings about significant costs. Still, a lever assy stands, of course, much more expensive than its separate elements. The impossibility of the replacement of a lever separately is especially depressing to car owners when they have to replace a practically new lever, in which all parts, except for one, are in excellent condition.

Febest, whose approach to production is by no means cut and dried, produces not only leverage assemblies, but is also the only manufacturer which separately makes ball joints that are alternative to integrated ball joints.

Although the process of replacing fixed supports cannot be called elementary, qualified specialists with necessary equipment can perfectly handle it. To do the job well it is necessary to follow the instruction.

How to replace fixed lever ball joints

Pic. 1 The fixed ball joint.

Remove the ball joint anther (pic. 2).

Pic. 2 The lever with the removed ball joint anther. 

Cut off the retaining washer folding as sown in pic. 3.

Pic. 3 The lever with the cut off retaining wahser folding. 

Dismantle the ball joint – take off the retaining washer and  pull out the rod with the teflon liner (pic. 4).

Pic. 4 The dismantled ball joint – the lever with no rod. 

Measure the fitting height of the new ball joint and cut the excess off the lever so after folding you can easily install the lock ring as shown in pic 5. This operation should preferably be performed on a milling machine to preserve the parallelism of planes at the both sides of the lever.

Pic. 5 Lever preparation for the installation of a new ball joint.

Rebore on a milling machine the fitting diameter for a ball joint (pic. 6). After reboring the fitting diametre of the lever must be 0.2 mm smaller of that of the ball joint.

Pic. 6 The fitting diameter that needs to be rebored


If the ball joint comes pre-assembled and the anther interferes with the fitting of the lever, remove the anther before the fitting (pic. 7)

Pic. 7 A new ball joint is ready for fitting into a rod.

Fold the new ball joint into the rod. Check if there is sufficient lubrication in the ball joint and add grease for ball joints if necessary (pic. 8).

Pic. 8 The new ball joint folded into the rod.

Put the lock ring and anther on a new ball joint (fig. 9). The lever is ready for further exploitation.

Pic. 9 The lever is ready for further exploitation

At the moment Febest manufactures ball joints that are alternative to fixed, for
Nissan Cedric/Gloria Y34 1999-2004,
Infiniti G35 (V35) 2002-2007,
Nissan 350Z (Z33) 2002-2008,
Nissan Fairlady Z Z33 2002-2008,
Nissan Skyline V35 2001-2007,
Nissan Stagea Ixis350S (AM35) 2003-2004,
Nissan Stagea M35 2001-2007,
Infiniti G35 (V35) 2002-2007,
Infiniti G37 (CV36) 2007-2013,
Nissan 350Z (Z33) 2002-2008,
Nissan Altima L31 2001-2006,
Nissan Fairlady Z Z33 2002-2008,
Nissan Maxima A34 2003-2008,
Nissan Skyline V35 2001-2007,
Infiniti JX35 (L50) 2012-2014,
Nissan Altima L32 2006-2012,
Nissan Altima A35 2008-2014,
Nissan Murano Crosscab CZ51 2010-,
Nissan Murano Rus Make Z51R 2010-,
Nissan Murano Z51 2007-2014,
Nissan Pathfinder R52 2012-,
Nissan Teana (PRC) J32Z 2008-2013,
Nissan Teana J32 2008-2013,
Nissan Teana Rus Make J32R 2009-2013,
Acura MDX YD2 2007-2013,
Honda Pilot YF4 2009-,
Lexus GS300/400/430 JZS160 1997-2005,
Lexus GS300/430 JZS160 1997-2005,
Toyota Aristo JZS160/JZS161 1997-2004,
Nissan X-Trail T30 2000-2006,
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution CN9A 1996-2001,
Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution CT9A 2001-2005,
Mitsubishi Lancer Cedia CS 2000-2003.